Product categories: Plate heat exchangers

The heat exchanger plate has the function to enable the transfer of heat between two fluids with different chemical-physical features, with no mixing between them. These, are preferred compared to shell and tube exchangers, spiral, etc. in applications where there are important factors such as:

Durability in time (guaranteed by the total inspection)

Ability to change in future the performances through the addition or removal of intermediate plates

Compact size

Conditions of heat exchange to the physical limit (temperature difference of only 0.5° C)

The heat exchanger plate is built in compliance with the PED (97/23/EC) relating to pressure equipment.


Use of the heat exchanger plate:

  • Heating systems: mainly used as a separator between hydraulic fluids technicians with different pressures or different chemical characteristics;
  • Production of Sanitary Hot Water: the selection of plates in stainless steel AISI 316L make it suitable for use with Sanitary Hot Water. In this area you can use it as a producer or instant SHW or joined to an accumulation of SHW in systems where consumption is concentrated in a few periods of the day (gyms, hotels, resorts, etc.). An important advantage in these applications is the reduction of legionella risk because the amount of water at low temperature is practically nothing.
  • Heating of pool water: the selection of plates in stainless steel AISI 316L with EPDM seals in the heat exchanger, make it suitable for use for the heating of the pool in the summer: the ideal solution for the disposal of excess heat generated by solar systems. With high concentrations of chlorine it is suggested the use of plates in Titanium.
  • Refrigeration: the high thermal efficiency of the plates can offer the best performance among the circuits where temperatures deviate only a few degrees.
  • Maintaining existing plants: often used in the replacement of heat exchange systems obsolete or undersized.

The T.M.L. is able to size any type of heat exchanger thanks to a dedicated software capable of simulating all operating conditions.