General conditions of sale and warranty

The T.M.L. LTD grants a warranty for material and manufacturing defects on his boilers production in the conditions of normal installation, use and maintenance of the contested product. Any variation or waiver of the requirements listed below must be accepted in writing by T.M.L. LTD.

The warranty period begins on the date stated on document delivery. This term does not extend nor renew following an intervention for warranty replacement. Warranty Duration is provided in the descriptive section of each product. For the accessories to and for the generic articles, for which it is expressly specified, the warranty period of two years with the exception of electrical and electronic devices for which the duration is one year.

All orders are subject to our approval. With the order the Customer agrees to accept our "Terms General Sales and Warranty". Approved orders undertake finally the customer, and they can not be modified or canceled without written permission of the TML LTD. The delivery dates given in order confirmations are indicative and not binding; delays are not place by the customer, the cancellation/change order, nor to claim compensation and/or suspension of payments.

Product Sizing
The T.M.L. Ltd., based on many years of experience gained, manufactures tanks according to an internal sizing of thicknesses that, for the low risk class as they fall, not It is regulated, at least in Italy, by particular regulations of Entities Certifiers. The need for a sizing carried out in the compliance with regulations set by organizations Specific Italian or foreign, It must be expressly highlighted in request phase of offer. This applies both to the tank for the insulation. Units and dimensions stated in this catalog may subject to change without notice.

All our products are made to be understood ex works, packaged with bubble wrap and pallet are therefore charged to the buyer shipping costs. If the delivery was agreed free destination, the goods shall be deemed made on the truck and not unloaded. The goods travel at the risk of the customer, even if sent clear destiny. Any dispute as to the integrity packaging or lack of packages shall be noted on transport document in the presence of the carrier and sent by registered mail to the same (with a copy to the TML Ltd.) within three days of receipt of goods.

Who receives the goods is always required to verify the integrity of the product and compliance with the order, any disputes are to be notified in writing no later than eight days after receipt of goods. Any claims not qualifying for suspension of payments. Returns are not accepted without our prior written authorization.

Each warranty is void if they are not respected provisions of law or technical specifications for an installation in a workmanlike manner; below are recalled some specific installation to adhere strictly to the recognition of the guarantee:

  • The product must be installed away from bad weather, on a solid base of support and adequate, with the right spaces surrounding to facilitate the operations of installation and maintenance
  • Make sure there are no obstacles for the movement of tank, and facilitate openings for the passage of the same both in input and output
  • Always install the tank in a bubble
  • Do not use the tank for mobile installations or subject to strong vibrations: guarantee no vibrations on the storage container through flexible antivibration couplings
  • Ensure the electrical insulation around the tank by pipe fittings by dielectrics
  • Always provide proper drainage in the event of possible tank leakage
  • Always provide grounding occurred tank and the pipes connected to it
  • Do not use galvanized fittings or iron for installations Boiler stainless steel
  • The chemical composition of the water contained should never exceed the values provided by Presidential Decree 236/88 and DL 31/2001 in implementing Directive N° 98/83/EC
  • If it is necessary to provide upstream of the reservoir a water processing plant for the achievement the parameters of the law, this should be sized in compliance with the regulations (UNI 9182, UNI CTI 8065, etc.)
  • Installation must be done by qualified and professionally certified staff
  • The use of the product must take place within the limits of pressure and temperature for which it was sized
  • Install a pressure reducer upstream of the system, as far as possible from the tank, set to a pressure not higher than the maximum permissible operating
  • Install a safety valve cannot be excluded on the circuit the kettle, calibrated at a pressure not higher than that Maximum working, suitably sized according with regulations about (ISPESL - Collection R - Cap. R.1-3)
  • Install an expansion tank hydropneumatic suitably sized upstream of the reservoir
  • Always install a passive cathodic protection (anode magnesium) or active (impressed current anode)
  • Check regularly (at least twice a year) both the protection anode wear and the regular operation of the safety valve.
  • The installation of the insulation (if any) must be done before making the hydraulic connections; no welding or lighting fires near insulation in order to avoid the triggering of possible fires
  • Check before commissioning the hydraulic seal connections and hatch (it is advisable to check the tightening of the screws of the hatches after two hours of operation at the maximum temperature
  • Schedule both tank and connections washing before operating.

Warranty intervention
The buyer is obliged to provide all information necessary (technical, photographic, etc.) to find the cause of the damage; it is mandatory to give T.M.L. the right to view the claimed product in the place where it was installed. In case of fault of our responsibility, it will be at our discretion the choice to repair or replace the entire defective product or parts of it. The T.M.L. does not cover any costs for any direct and/or indirect damages resulting from detected defects nor costs related to removal of defective products and installation of replacement products. Should it be necessary to intervene at our facility the contested product has to be delivered to our factory, charged to the sender.

Exclusions from Warranty
The warranty ceases its validity under the following circumstances:

  • The customer is not up to date with payments
  • Having assessed the presence of tampering done by unauthorized personnel, or the presence of subsidiary devices not appropriate to the contested product
  • If the product in dispute is devoid of the anode of protection
  • Failure to heed the points noted under "Installation";
  • Natural worn accessories are not covered by warranty, such as screws, gaskets, wells, probes, anodes, etc.

Payments of invoices relating to the supply must be made within the time allowed. Unauthorized delays will determine the application of default interest according to the current rate, and the right to suspend any supplies in progress.

The delivered goods remain the property of TML LTD until the relevant payment is completed. In case of incomplete payment by the Customer, the TML LTD is entitled to demand the return of the supply, with the right to retain the sums paid as compensation.

The venue for any disputes in law is Teramo - ITALY.

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